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    How to Replace a Car Radiator | Disconnecting Transmission Lines to Replace Car Radiator

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Engine repairs can get very expensive, especially when you consider the cost of labor alongside new parts. One great way to save money in these situations is with DIY repair. A DIY car repair will require a few skills and access to replacement parts.

    This video offers instructions for replacing your radiator. The step covered by the presenter is preparation for radiator removal by disconnecting transmission lines. The narrator also offers a few tips for making the whole process clean and simple.

    If you are looking for a new radiator, transmission, water pump, or an entire chassis, call Linns Auto and Equipment Sales at (888) 844-5303 today. We specialize in “lite damaged” vehicles and deliver anywhere in the 48 continental states.

    3 Services Linn's Auto and Equipment Sales Can Offer Your Credit Union

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Businesses, insurance companies, credit unions, and other institutions all have to face asset recovery at some point. When vehicles, equipment, or other fixed assets are damaged, what is the best way of bouncing back from the loss? Linn’s Auto and Equipment Sales has three excellent services to help credit unions and other institutions find solutions when dealing with total loss vehicles and equipment:

    1. Borderline Buyouts

    If a vehicle is totaled, it wouldn’t make sense for a company to hold onto an asset in such poor condition. However, if the estimate for the vehicle puts it out of the range of filing it as a total loss, a firm or credit union may be in a bind. Linn’s Borderline Buyout program is a way of recouping the value without the need to file as a total loss. 

    2. Loss Claims

    When seeking compensation for vehicles that are old or damaged, there is no guarantee of a reliable, consistent rate of return. Linn’s offers a dependable venue for finding the return you need. Over the past 46 years, we’ve been developing a strong base of companies that rely on us for unfailing results.

    3. Wrecked Repossessions

    Credit unions are familiar with the hazards of lending. When it comes time to repossess property, vehicles, and equipment, sometimes it turns out that they’re not in the best of shape. Linn’s can help you receive insurance money to cover as much of the cost as possible when you can’t get more back from an account.

    If your credit union is searching for an efficient way to cover the costs of total loss vehicles and equipment, look no further than Linn’s Auto and Equipment Sales. We accept cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, and a wide range of equipment. Call us today for more info at (501) 327-3856, or visit us online for details.

    The Advantages of Buying Parts from a Wrecked Vehicle

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Finding the right part to finish up a restoration vehicle or maintain your old daily driver can be a costly challenge. New OEM parts and replacements from major aftermarket suppliers are often expensive, yet even these sources don’t always have the parts you are looking for. One great source for hard-to-find auto parts is a wrecked vehicle from a salvage yard. Here are just some of the advantages of choosing salvaged car parts:

    Save Money

    Auto parts can be quite expensive, with many of the best manufacturers charging high prices for even the simplest of parts. Buying a used part from a wrecked car is often a great alternative, since many salvaged vehicles have plenty of undamaged components to offer.

    Find Obscure Parts

    Finding replacement parts for vehicles that have been discontinued or are otherwise rare can prove to be a serious challenge. Even recent models that have undergone redesigns may no longer have original parts available from the manufacturer. However, these older parts can often be found on matching models in junkyards and from salvaged auto parts providers.

    Ensure Parts Match

    Looking for a replacement part for an older vehicle, particularly one with many versions and trim levels, can often end up like a guessing game. You can hope that the aftermarket suppliers have labeled parts correctly or try to hunt down parts’ numbers, but the best bet is often to find a vehicle like yours in a salvage yard and take the exact part you need.

    Recycle Parts

    Many junked and total loss vehicles end up in junkyards, taking up space and polluting the environment. Reusing these vehicles, piece by piece, helps to clean up the environment and reduces the demand for newly manufactured parts and the waste that comes along with that manufacturing.

    If you are looking for the perfect replacement part for your car restoration project, come to Linn’s Auto and Equipment Sales in Conway, Arkansas. We specialize in providing “lite damaged” and “total loss” vehicles and parts with over 45 years of experience. Contact us online or call (888) 844-5303 for more information.

    Happy New Year from Linn's Auto and Equipment Sales

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Our team at Linn's Auto and Equipment Sales would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy New Year!

    "Outstanding Service; Highly Recommended" | Linn's Auto and Equipment Sales Review

    Last updated 2 years ago

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    • Outstanding Customer Serivce. No one can compare. I would highly recommend Linn's Auto to my friends and family.

      At Linn’s Auto and Equipment Sales, we believe in offering affordable salvaged cars that save our customers a significant amount of money. To hear what we have to... More

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