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    Find out More About Total Loss Vehicles and Motorcycle Restoration

    Last updated 2 years ago

    The most affordable used cars on today’s car market are salvage-title vehicles. Most of the time, these cars are in pristine mechanical condition and feature only some cosmetic damage. To find out more about what makes a car or motorcycle a salvage-title vehicle and how you can take possession of one for a great price, check out these websites:

    For more information, contact Linn’s Auto and Equipment Sales at (501) 327-3856.

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    Last updated 2 years ago

    When Does an Insurance Company Declare a Vehicle a Total Loss?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Did you know that many total loss vehicles are only involved in minor accidents? Insurance companies declare a vehicle a total loss based on a comparison between the cost of repairing damages and the total cash value of the vehicle. Read this article to learn about the total loss process and what makes a car a total loss vehicle:

    • Evaluation of Damages
      The first step an insurance company will take to determine if a vehicle is a total loss is an inspection of damages. A specially trained claims adjuster will look through an entire vehicle and calculate an estimate of the parts and labor costs. After this inspection, the insurance company will compare the amount for repairs to the total cash value of the car. If repairs are between 51% and 80% of the total cash value, depending on the insurance company, a vehicle can be considered a total loss.
    • The Value of Total Loss Cars
      It is commonly thought that a total loss car must have incurred extensive damage, but this isn’t always necessarily the case. Sometimes an older vehicle is considered a total loss even after a minor accident simply because it is considered too expensive to repair when compared to the cash value of the vehicle.

    Many owners of total loss vehicles decide to sell the vehicle or turn the title of the car over to their insurance company, which will usually be auctioned off to salvage-title car dealerships or junkyards. The total loss cars that end up at dealerships are oftentimes mechanically reconditioned by the dealership, making them a perfect option for drivers that are looking for a great deal on a viable used car that might be lightly damaged.

    If you’re looking for a lite damaged or salvage-title vehicle, come to Linn’s Auto and Equipment Sales of Conway. For more information on the vehicles we have to offer, visit our website or call us at (501) 327-3856.

    Boat Restoration and Reconstruction

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Buying and restoring a salvage-title boat is a great way to save money. Watch this video to follow the restoration process of Pretty Perfect, a 29-foot 1983 Bayliner Contessa cruiser.

    The first step was to reconstruct the shell of this 25-year old beauty. After this, water-damaged parts were reconditioned or replaced. Because this boat was in such bad shape, it took several hundred hours of work to get it to where it is today.

    Boat restoration is often fun and can be incredibly cost-effective. To have a look at some of the used boats you can buy and restore for a great price, visit to Linn’s Auto and Equipment Sales. We’ve been in business since 1965. Visit our website to see our inventory, or call us at (501) 327-3856 for more information.

    Tips for Buying and Restoring a Damaged Motorcycle

    Last updated 2 years ago

    If you’re looking for a fantastic deal on a used motorcycle, consider purchasing one that is lightly damaged. Not only are lite damaged motorcycles fairly easy to restore, but they also save you money. Here are some tips for buying and restoring a motorcycle:

    • Understand the Type of Damage
      There are two types of damage that a motorcycle may endure: mechanical and cosmetic. Mechanical damage is when a motorcycle’s powertrain, drivetrain, or any other mechanical component is damaged. Cosmetic damage occurs when some part of the motorcycle is damaged, but the damage does not impede the motorcycle’s ability to drive. Oftentimes, cosmetic damage is hardly noticeable. You may choose to look for a damaged motorcycle that has only cosmetic damage if you want to get a great deal on a bike that runs well. It’s good a good idea to visit a reputable dealership to shop for damaged motorcycles, as you can be sure that you’re getting a bike whose quality has been assessed by professionals prior to being put up for sale.
    • Decide If You Want to Restore the Motorcycle
      There are places to take a damaged motorcycle if you want someone else to repair and restore it for you. However, if you’re up to the challenge of restoring a motorcycle in your own garage, there are some things you need to know. You’ll first have to disassemble the bike and make a note of the things that are missing, that need to be reconditioned, and that need to be replaced. If you end up purchasing a damaged bike from a dealership, you have the benefit of asking the dealership for suggestions as to where you might be able to find certain parts.

    To have a look at an expansive selection of damaged motorcycles, come to Linn’s Auto and Equipment Sales. Call us at (501) 327-3856 or visit our website for more information on the motorcycles we have to offer.

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